Membership privileges

Membership privileges

Get your GoldMembership

We value our loyal customers. When you have purchased 5 or more dresses you are eligible for our GoldMember program.

Key privileges you enjoy as a GoldMember:

  • Join our Loyalty Program and save up for discounts. Please see below.
  • Get the chance to order new dresses first
  • Receive invitations to exclusive LaDress events
  • Enjoy special extra's

LaDress membership program



YourDress card

With every purchase of €50 you receive one sticker for the YourDress card. At 30 stickers you qualify for a €150 discount on your next purchase. Simple and easy. To redeem your reward, simply send us your card, and you will receive a coupon code to use with your next purchase. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and/or outlet items.

If you'd like to join our GoldMember program or if you'd like to receive more information, please email us at

The Diamond treatment

When you have purchased 25 or more dresses, you are welcome to join our new and exclusive Diamond program. As a DiamondMember you enjoy the highest level of service, guaranteeing an excellent experience catered to your personal needs.

Luxury shopping at its best.

Key privileges you enjoy as a DiamondMember:

  • Plus of course each and every privilege that our GoldMembers receive
  • Invitations to exclusive high-end events plus the possibility to host a private event for you and your family, friends or colleagues
  • We'll do our best to surprise you with something extra special on your birthday

Would you like to join our Diamond program or receive more information about this exclusive membership? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via

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