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Marlou Petter

A true sunshine! Dear Marlou, you look amazing at the Acropolis of Athens.


It's party time! Dear Tjindjara, you look sparling in &C Magazine, winter edition.

Emma Toussain

Look at her! Dear Emma, this red LaDress suit suits you!

Xandra Brood

Celebrate! Dear Xandra, you look great in our blouse and pants. Wearing LaDress makes you want to celebrate life.

Reena Jagram

Bonjour, mon amour! Dear Reena Jagram, you look ‘très belle’ in this LaDress blazer.

Raven van Dorst

Yeah! Dear Raven van Dorst, you look like a real star in this LaDress suit, at the Televizier-Ring Gala. 

Fatima Moreira de Melo

Look at her! Dear Fatima Moreira de Melo, you look stunning in this pavone LaDress suit.

Laurien Verstraten

Wow! Dear Laurien Verstraten, you look stunning in this wild zebra LaDress suit at the LOEY Awards.

Iris Hond

Let’s sparkle! Dear Iris Hond, you look sparkling in our flared pants during your concert in Groningen.

Loes Schnepper

Wow, Loes Schnepper you look amazing in blue suit in Margriet magazine.

Nikkie de Jager

What a star! At the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala2021. Nikkie won the Televizier-Star Presentatrice!

Astrid Joosten

You look wonderful in our ecru blazer, blouse and pants in BeauMonde magazine.

Carice van Houten

Smile! Dear Carice, you shine at the cover of Vrouw Magazine.

Mikky Kiemeney 

That's glamour! Dear Mikky, you look glamourous in our dress Igone at the Voetballer van het jaar 2019 gala.


Simone shares her personal story with Libelle magazine.


It gives us thrills and feelings of pride seeing how this editorial for Nouveau magazine turned out. Pictures by Stef Nagel.


Simone talks about the ultimate timeless essentials for every woman, featured in Volkskrant magazine.

"Zelf had ik nooit tijd om te winkelen. Dit leek me makkelijk voor de drukke vrouwen die ik wilde aanspreken."

- Simone over online shopping

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We like to share our stories with the world. Discover our videos below.


In this video Simone shares what the perfect fabric means to her and how she found it in Paris.

"At LaDress we care deeply about our fabrics. It is very important that they are beautiful and effortlessly flow around your body."


A little throwback but still one of our favorite interviews. Simone in conversation with Emerce magazine talking about business and tech.


"Podcasts are a great medium for sharing your vision and gives you tons of inspiration."

Simone talks about retail in conversation with RetailTrends.

Listen here

Simone in conversation with Paul van Liempt for De Goudse Verzekeringen.

Listen here

Simone in conversation with Harper’s Bazaar's Miluska van 't Lam about the power of imperfection.

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