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Our mission is to empower women

Love yourself....more. Accept and embrace who you really are. You will feel empowered and be able to get things done. The result is happiness and more fulfillment. LaDress understands your dilemmas and aspirations. The elegant and fabulous dresses you can wear any time, any place, give you the confidence and empowerment you need to truly follow your heart.

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The collection

LaDress remains relatively consistent when it comes to successful designs. We believe in modern classics that easily withstand the times. What's good remains good. This is because of our painstaking attention to detail in the development of the style and fit: Simone wears each new design herself to make sure it is absolutely perfect in

every way. You’ll be able to find your favorite style in new colors and fabrics as we introduce new designs once or twice a week. Easy to shop as you know how well it fits! The largest part of the collection consists of All-Season styles, which you can wear 365 days a year. But the offering is complemented with fresh Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter styles that match the latest color and fabric trends. Each new arrival is articulated with rich 'Styling tips' for your inspiration.

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The perfect dress

LaDress can best be described as the perfect dress for any occasion: from daytime elegance to dazzling nighttime chic. Age and timeless with a phenomenal fit. Made of the finest high-end fabrics ranging from silk and wool to jersey lycra and viscose, sourced from the best houses in Europe, mainly Italy, LaDress is divinely comfortable, blending

elegance with ease and versatility. LaDress empowers women by giving them fashion that enhances their feminine features, regardless of figure or age. And when a woman understands her beauty, she has the courage to do whatever needs to be done. Our success lies in the fact that each LaDress dress is ‘multi-wearable’. By combining different accessories, your favorite LaDress easily transforms from an easy to wear day dress into a stunning cocktail one.

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Our style is classy & fabulous

There's a perfect dress for every woman.
It's elegant and easy. It fits superbly and feels heavenly. It attracts compliments again and again. Each dress in our collection is a classic that you'll mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe and love for years to come. We take inspiration from timeless classics that we re-interpret in our own, contemporary way.

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Our ateliers

Our dresses are produced by high quality ateliers in The Netherlands, Romania and Poland. These are ateliers we know personally and they cherish old-fashioned craftsmanship as much as we do. Together we put in a lot of love and care that you experience when wearing a LaDress.